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Here we are, together.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Thank you Steph, for the username+pw xD
As I've rambled in the cbox- I'm coming to Singapore soon*makes text large for effect* .Heading off to Penang first tomorrow morning. I'll get to SG on the 7th of Jan.
You guys probably would have started school by then, but perhaps we can have a class reunion? One of the weekends, Sat or Sun? I've already asked Rayson about it but I haven't heard any confirmation of planning yet >.<

My mum is nagging me now.

Hope you had a great Christmas+Happy New Year :)

Anita ^^

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Friday, June 26, 2009
I think I'm going to die.
I've seen every trailer that came out at least 2 times, and it's finally come.

Advance tickets are out for Harry Potter xD

*insert fangirl keyboard smashing here*

Ah anyway, how is everyone? Does anyone know when there will be a reunion? Obviously I won't be able to come but it would be nice to know :)
I've been really busy this whole term. Non-stop examinations and assignments since the first week back...Now only two weeks left, so the stress is lifting.
Our school is holding a mini-fete next Thursday, and as part of the SRC I'm getting together the school's anime club to form a table~ We'll be selling stuff like Japanese snacks, sushi, bookmarks, posters, commissions...etc
And we are holding a mini-doodle competition based on a theme (which we haven't figured out yet), and prize winners will be getting manga pens released by Faber Castell (I actually have some of those at home and they are pretty good).

So I'll be really busy this weekend making the posters. I've already made bookmarks, and you can see them on my DeviantART page :D


But yeah..

watch Gintama!

oh yeah and Stephanie...sorry I took so long to reply but here are some great tutorials for the pen tool on Photoshop


just click full view for the full size image

if they aren't much help, just search it up on DeviantART or somewhere else


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think I have not done that thingi.

Name: Stephanie Chiew (Steph for short. haha.)
School: Singapore Chinese Guys School

HAHHAA just kidding.

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Difference: A lot of people say I have not changed. Well, I changed my spectacles! Does that count??? and i am 148cm no more. hahaha.....im 152 i think. but have not taken my height for quite some time now. i wish to be 154cm at least!

URL: http://sweet-avenger.blogspot.com/

dont laugh at it because I love Uchiha Sasuke!

Audi is so fun. But i have not played it for so long my fingers have turned rusty ): chris and xiang qin are both so pro. sigh...


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Yeah i love hong kong too~ =D
And now i'll blog for fun too since steph just gave me the password and all.

I just got back from a 10day trip in hong kong on tuesday and now i'm being home quarantined. Bah... my whole family kinda hecked the whole thing and we've being going in and out of the house so... if we really do have swine flu... uh... too bad!!! >:D Misery loves company!!

Okay, in hong kong here's a list of stuff that i did:

-eat a lot
-put on weight
-get contacts
-watch loads of tv
-watch loads of horror films (man...final destination 2 was gross at the end...)
-play with my aunt's dog (the dog's really fat... and greedy)
-sneeze a lot (i'm actually allergic to fur and dust. T^T)
-play mahjong (i kinda suck)
-hunt down manga shops

-buy ribon mags and mangaka art books (d.gray-man, angel dust and arina tanemura)
-get blasted by loads of lady gaga songs whenever i enter a store
-ice skate with my cousin and sis
-go visit some supposedly haunted place
-get freaked by some weird guy we saw there (he kept smiling at my family... and he came out of nowhere. Seriously.)
-sleep until 10 every day
-went out to yum cha loads of times(how do you spell it...? o.o)
-loads of other weird stuff like listening to some rap(?) of computer sounds that my cousin found.


And i grew one cm taller so i'm 165 now...

Steph~ i'm not mocking your height now... so spare me the bloodiness... and aren't you afraid of blood? o.o

Oh oh! do i have to do the thingy? Ar... i dunno how to describe... i'll just do it...

Name: Christie Cheng
School: Sec 1: Cedar Girls' (same as abi) Then onwards: School Of The Arts (-_-" we do academic subjects too kay!!!)
Difference: Not much i guess... though i think i was a rather obnoxious brat back in primary school at times... Still an otaku... Average grades...
NO BLOG... but i Facebook =D

And steph... you still maple??? o.o
and when's class party too?


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
hellooooooo! :D

i loveee hong kong! ^^
just thought I'd blog here for fun and see if I still remember the email and password.

i did! and here i am tadah! haha. okay i know i'm lame... sorry. i shall try to speak normal.

ahem ahem

Hello guys,
Hong kong was great! Did you know there is Macs Green Tea Ice Cream sundae! and banana pie! I know! so awesome.

and those of you who have watched Gundam Mobile Suit 00, I got Tieria, Hong Long and Soma figurines from those capsule machine thingis. haha. so cool. but I wanted to get Setsuna. sniff.

anyway, I think i might have grown taller I'm hoping I did i sure wish i did. :(

Chris don't you daaarrreeeee mock my height. You know what I'm gonna do to you if you mock my height.............. *gets ready knife and hammer in both hands* ...oh it's gonna be bloody......

see ya real soon!
when's class gathering... o v o


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Saturday, May 23, 2009
Hey. Indeed, Rayson did a great job. It's even more surprising when a boy does this nice skin up!

Let's stop talking about height.
Because I shrunk till 164cm.

Me: Low Wei Lin
School: Remains the same, just the Primary becomes Secondary.
Difference: So much that some can't even recognise me. :(
URL: http://towalk10steps.blogspot.com
[You can link others' blogs from there.]

So, Byebye.

-Wei Lin

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
this is a really nice blog :D
The banner is so sweet.
I was actually thinking of doing the same before but I never got around to doing it so thanks Rayson~
I think the blog is a nice fresh start, but we should always keep it there for the memories, and how noob like my posts were.

wow this is really suprising, reading all the entries so far. Everyone is asking how tall everyone else is..

Esmond is tall?
Haha~ How tall xD?

no really.

I guess it's no surprise- hormones kick in and everything around this time anyway. Oh hor hor I don't know how tall I am but I know I'm taller than my mother, who is around 153cm+ I think. Average, I guess.

How was everyone's exams? You guys are probably finished but I am halfway through all of them. I think there is a high probability I am going to be bombarded by assignments though, especially for English.


Just had science and math exams today.

oh and Wei Lin suggested it so I guess I'll put in a few bits and pieces about me~

Name: Anita G. (Wow, I didn't know that!?)
How different I am? Over 70% i can tell you.
you can visit me at a few places online---

My DeviantART account (where my crappy experimental digital art lies. i even have a crappy username) :-- www.aqua-ice-water-drop.deviantart.com

My blog (which I haven't updated in a while, and is full of random rants):--

and there's Facebook. Just search my name and stuff. There are shocking current photos of myself there D=


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